Ed O’Sullivan

Personal Experience

Ed is a seasoned business professional that can help you sell your business. He has both corporate business experience as well as small business ownership experience. Ed worked in the corporate sales environment for over 15 years, gaining knowledge and insight into business operations and best practices. Ed is a trained, strategic negotiator with a balanced and creative approach to problem solving.
Having always been an entrepreneur at heart, Ed left his corporate sales job to purchase his own business and never looked back. He successfully ran this business for 10 years before selling it. Ed brings his work and life experiences to every transaction. Having been through the process of buying, operating and selling a small business, Ed can personally relate to his clients and their needs and can help them achieve their goals. He operates with integrity and honesty, working hard to make sure that all parties are satisfied.
Ed holds a degree from the State University of New York. He is a former Lieutenant and active firefighter with his local fire department and sits on its Executive Board as a Trustee. Ed is dedicated to serving the local business community and providing clients with the Valued Representation they deserve.

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